History, Inspiration and Style of the Legends in the 1920’s and 1930’s

Art Deco was the thing back in the 1920’s and 1930’s, and still influences design today. Art Deco is easily adapted to suit any interior or style, which defines luxury and comfort. Squished between two World Wars, Art Deco has come to exemplify the elegance of a generation recovering from the First World War.

Art Deco has been embraced by many traditional industries, going from architecture to jewelry designers, to home interior designers. Today we will look at the influential designers from the 1920’s and 1930’s, where each designer had its own unique design and inspirations:

Epstein Brothers (Harry and Lou)

The two finest Europe’s most distinguished Art and Deco cabinet makers. The brothers took over their father’s creation, and with time got famous for their exquisite advent-garden design, and rich colours used in their makings. Their style influences the Paris Art Deco exhibition of 1925. The style includes strong architectural details, that sets perfectly with the modernist ethos of the period.

 Rennie Mackintosh

From sci-fi libraries to steampunk tearooms, Reenie’s creations of Art and Deco have made Glasgow a design paradise. One of his finest was the tea room definition of a Geamtkuntwerk- an artwork that defined the ritual of an afternoon tea. A combination of white, silver and rose, lined with the oak and grey canvas defined this fine artist in the 1930s.


The best know designer known for chair designs and architectures. Hille established a reputation by creating hand man furniture during the twentieth century. Simple, yet a lot of attention to detail defined Hille! Minimalist in style, elegantly tapered and a  classic retro look is the perfect combination for your home.  

Jacques Aadnt 

Adnet was one of the most successful interior designers of the 1930’s. Working closely with the celebrated Art Deco furniture designer, Maurice Duferene. Together, they created some of the most inspirational private apartments including the French President, Elysee Palace at the time.

His style is characterised by classic lines and quirky details that never look out of place in a modern minimalist interior.

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