Why a Chesterfield sofa is the perfect match for you!

One of the most crucial parts of furniture in your home is a sofa; a cause of ease, comfort is something that is needed to feel at home. From the lounge to the kitchen, to the bedroom, sofas play a significant part in setting the overall look of a room. At Newman and Bright, we provide a range of corner sofas. But, what makes our sofas so special?

Classic Style

The classic style for your home will give you an uplift! A classic style sofa instantly gives a fresh update any room and enables you to give your current décor a new perspective. The corner sofas are not only for traditional properties; this sofa is equal at home in a more contemporary setting. The square seating area within our range is the perfect combination to invite people to sit on while the low back and arms offer a comfortable yet an aesthetically appealing look.

Bespoke Options

One of the best things about this product is the totally bespoke option ad customisation it offers to its customers. Not only do you get an unique design, but you also get bespoke services from our fine craftsman. We allow you to choose from over a range of different sizes and colour of our full leather hide types. View our full range here.

The bespoke elements can and will bring out the best out of your home. With our one to one service, you will have full control over all other aspects of the design. From which studs your new corner sofa will have to the type of filling, the colour of the wood stain and the sort of feet you prefer, you get the exact results you want. The new sofa can be configured in a variety of seating arrangements, from 4 seaters with right or left-hand arm to single seater with right or left-hand arm. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Ideal for bigger rooms and larger families

Chesterfield style sofas are known for their presence and size. At Newman and Bright, our chesterfield sofas are no exception and are designed to occupy space effectively in large rooms. Our new corner sofa is no exception and can be configured to occupy space effectively in even the biggest rooms. This means that you will have a sofa that fits perfectly in the space and does not look Ordering a sofa like this in your preferred arrangement will mean everyone always has space to relax.

Contact us

Here, at Newman and Bright, we provide bespoke collection of sofas that are designed and manufactured by our skilled craftsman. View our extensive range or speak to our advisor for more information.