5 Reasons why your sofa is the most important furniture piece in the living room

If you pick one piece of furniture in your living room as the most important piece, you would probably pick your sofa. Below, are some compelling reasons to why your sofa is needed!

It’s probably the most expensive piece in the room

If you rule out the electronics, your sofas are the most valuable item in your living room. It represents a huge investment, time and thought if brought new, or if made of leather. This is where Newman and bright comes in, we provide personalised services and consultation services to our customers so you can have the perfect sofa!

It’s the most used piece of furniture

The sofa has to be right! If you are single, its your guest center and if you have a family, you pretty much grow on it. Having a pet, is just another story. With all the activity, your sofa is what’s needed to keep you going. At Newman Bright, we offer an extensive range of sofas ranging from art deco to the urban collection. Shop yours now.

It’s one of the most comfortable spots in the room

Okay, you may love your recliner, but if you really want to sack out in front of the TV, where are you going to sit or crash after a long day at work? Why, on that cushy couch, of course. To define you, you must have a comfortable spot that can get make you feel at home.

It’s the anchor piece

No matter what style of furniture you have in your living room, the sofa is most likely your anchor piece. It is the piece around which all other pieces are arranged. The style of the sofa establishes the mood in your house, and is therefore very important. While it might be possible to get away with imperfections in other pieces of furniture, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to create the impression of a stylish, attractive living room with a ripped or stained sofa.

The elephant in the room

Your sofa is more or less the elephant in the room. It makes sense to keep it a well-groomed, attractive elephant by keeping it in good repair, and protecting it during any moves. Shop now at Newman and Bright and check the entire range we have to offer.

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