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Our History

The roots of Newman & Bright go all the way back to 1897. Originally based in Bratislava, a city nestled in the heart of the old Czechoslovakia, just a stone’s throw away from Vienna, our journey began in the world of leather and shoemaking.

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Neumann Leathers, 39 Derby Street, Manchester

In 1939, amidst the turbulent times of the German occupation, Philip Neumann the founder of Neumann Leathers together with three of his children, found refuge in the city of Manchester, UK.

The Neumann family re-established their leather business in Manchester dealing in leather hides for the shoe and furniture trade and bringing them to the forefront of European leather merchants. 

Neumann nec exhibition
Current owner Sam Neumann, with sister and father Leopold Neumann at the NEC Birmingham

Today, under the capable stewardship of the third-generation owner, Sam Neumann, the company has expanded its horizons. Building upon the family’s deep-rooted knowledge of leather, Sam ventured into the world of furniture manufacturing.

This was a natural progression – a fitting addition from the leather trade to the crafting high-quality leather seating. The expertise passed down through the generations continues to be associated with the highest levels of service and expertise in UK manufacturing. Our commitment to quality and customer service, driven by the legacy of Philip Neumann, endures as we embark on new journeys, seeking to provide the world with the finest leather and furniture solutions.