Art Deco Style and décor Inspiration

The Art deco Era, on numerous occasions was also called the Cubism Tamed influenced from the Cubist movement. The characteristics included fascination with geometry, abstract and fragmented forms. With the Art Deco movement, the choice of the motifs was also inspired by cultural motifs from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to Asia, Mesoamerica and Africa most of all.

Characteristics of Style
Art Deco is also often compared to Art Nouveau as its forerunner. Both of the movements are strongly influenced by fine art traditions, lavishing ornaments, mainly inspired by treatment of shapes and lines. Art Deco as a design was inspired by the industrialisation and technical era, which used bold, geometrical patterns using vibrating and contrasting colours. The characteristic of style at the time were used to harmonise modern items with natural forms.

Art Deco Today
Although it has lost its popularity after the World War II, Art Deco was revitalised during the sixties. Due to its global visual language and its nature that responds well to the requirements of the mass production, the heritage of this decorative style is still present today, mostly in fashion, product and industrial design. With the change in culture and society, there were some fascinating artists such as Paul Poiret and Coco Chanel, to name a few changed the face of fashion.

On the other hand, Art Deco paintings and items are also becoming increasingly popular in the art market and this newly found appreciation for the movement lead to the establishment of many Art Deco foundations which continue to work on the restoration and preservation of architectural monuments built at the Art Deco golden ages.

How to Incorporate Art Deco Decor Into Your Home
Even a century after its prime, art deco style still makes its way into our modern homes and has still inspires the way we decorate our homes.

Some of the elements that you still see include geometric forms, jewel tones, metallic materials, and rich woods. Everything from wallpaper to furniture and decor items can infuse your space with a little art deco glamour. To add lavishness to your house, and if you particularly want to go bold, add a touch of animal prints with gold details. At Newman and Bright, we provide an extensive rage of Art Deco furniture for your home. We offer a range from leather, contemporary and antique sofas that will go with any arrangements at your house!

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